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We are a specialized full-service tree Care Company based in Geelong that promotes tree preservation and retention. Our team is highly experienced in tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and cutting services. Also, our employees have given training of extensive safety and technical skills upgrades to current international standards.

We are flexible on-field and able to adapt our skills in removing the issues hassle-free. We value nothing more than our customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to our work and perform the tasks with professionalism. Our work involves a focus on injury prevention and workplace safety because safety is our priority.

We love our job and enjoy every bit of it. We respond to every inquiry on time. Whether you require regular services or emergency ones, we are ready to serve you. WE provide our services without a hefty price tag. If you need tree removal in Geelong, then get your quote now.

Our Services

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is one of those tasks which the certified arborists are trained no to do. But beyond the professional circle, it is used for all kinds of tree cutting. In case of an emergency like power line clearance, tree lopping can be useful. WE understand the need of our clients, so we provide tree lopping services in Geelong. Contact us for your quote.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal becomes necessary when you have dried or dead trees in the backyard or front yard. These trees can fell anytime and turn into a disaster for you or your property. Our team is highly experienced in removing these kinds of trees. You can rely on us with your property’s safety. We use the right equipment in removing small or large trees safely. In Geelong, we are providing tree removal services at a reasonable price.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps at ground level may create difficulties for you. At the time of renovations, their stumps can be a significant obstacle for paving. One of the safest and easiest ways is to grind stumps and tree roots to minimize its chances of regrowth. Also, some stumps are too large to remove, so grinding is the last option left for removing them from your property. But Stump grinding must not be performed as a DIY activity. IT is recommended to contact an arborist for this work. Call us for honest consultation if you require Stump grinding or any other tree services in Geelong.

Stump Removal

Our experts will do this job on the field if you want to remove unwanted stumps from your garden or front yard. We understand that digging or eliminating a complete stump is not easy for a person. We have the latest equipment to deal with all the difficulties occurring while removing the stump. You can count on us for removing stump without damaging your property

Tree pruning or shaping

Regular tree pruning or shaping maintains the beauty of trees and keeps them healthy. We provide tree trimming in Geelong to our clients with a lot of benefits. You can reshape your trees to turn them attractive from a mess at the lowest possible price. Our experts make sure to trim only overgrown or dry branches so that the trees grow effectively. If you are willing for Tree pruning, give us a chance to let you know why we are the best tree pruning service provider in Geelong.

Tree Chipping

After tree removal, transporting the waste is a big issue. But chipping the trees into small portions will make this process easy. If you need tree cutting, bush, or shrub chipping in Geelong, then we are available.

Emergency Tree Services

Service like cutting, chipping, and reshaping trees are essential for keeping your place safe and beautiful. But there are some instances where you will require tree services in urgency. For this moment, we are providing Emergency tree services 24/7. You can contact us anytime, and we will reach you on time.

Arborist Services

We offer all kinds of tree-related services, including Tree Evaluation, Support systems Nutrition, and Fertilization. Our qualified staff understands every need of trees and provides the necessary services that suit the condition. Many cases require a specialist’s observation. So, We can arrange a consultation with our Arborist in Geelong. You can contact us for further information.

Emergency Tree Removal Geelong

For any emergency tree related services, you can rely on us. In Geelong, we are providing our tree removal services for emergency cases for a long time. Cleanest is our priority, so we assure you to attend their queries on time. Dry, dead or unhealthy trees with weak roots can fall at the time of storms and damage your property anytime. Removing such trees becomes mandatory. Also, if you are renovating your house and stump is becoming an obstacle, then feel free to contact us. We are proffered tree loppers in Geelong.

Our tree felling services are available for anyone in Geelong. We provide emergency services for 24 hours and seven days a week. We will take a minimum of 1 hour to reach your place de3pdning on the distance of your location.


Why should I hire a certified arborist to care for my trees?

A certified arborist is well trained and equipped with essentials required for the tree’s health. Weak tree care may lead to damage to property or your family. So it is necessary to select the right and certified arborist for your work. We are one of the leading tree arborists in Geelong. Our experienced employees will plant, take care, and maintain trees at your place very well. We assure you that our services will improve the health of your plants.

How long does tree work take?

It depends on the job. WE work on a system where we take the emergency request first, and then regular requests are made based on First Come First Serve. Tree removal can take a day or a week, depending on the conditions.

How much does removing a tree cost in Geelong?

The Tree removal cost Geelong lies between $350-$3500 depending on the height of tree, location, required equipment, and other conditions.

Why is tree pruning necessary?

Tree pruning is essential for improving the tree’s health. It can enhance structural strength, healthy growth of fruits, and reduce the weather damage risk. Also, removing branches in danger of falling will decrease the risk of property damage. Using high-quality loppers gives the best results.

Is your staff qualified?

Yes, our staff is highly qualified with in-house and external training. Our arborists are level 2-5 tree practitioners who handle their job with perfection.

How can I pay?

You can pay through credit cards, cash, direct transfer, and cheque.

What suburbs do you service?

We provide our tree cutting, Tree lopping and arborists services in all the suburbs of Geelong.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes we provide free quotes within the Geelong area.

Do you remove large trees?

Yes, we are qualified professionals in removing small to large trees in any condition. Call us today.